Blog Relaunch and Selling More Domains – April 11th, 2017

Dismissing myself from the feed. I am relaunching a domaining blog, selling more domains and had a unique interview process.

1. Selling More Domains

I have a few domains on NameJet getting bids: (10 bids, high $69), (1 bid, high $69), (1 bid, high $80). Other interesting domains that I can’t believe nobody has snapped up yet:,,,,,,,,,

On another note: NameJet could use an interface design update. It’s difficult to list domains and keep track of them. However, I found customer service to be a pleasant experience.

2. Wrote an Article for V3B

Wrote my first marketing article for V3B about how Google is combating “fake news” and some other interesting tidbits about influencer marketing and YouTube/Facebook news. Check it out.

3. Updated Social Networks

It was time to update LinkedIn and Twitter with new information. Catch me there if you’d like.

4. Disappointed in United Airlines

Disgusting story about a doctor being physically dragged off a United flight because he didn’t want to voluntarily give up his seat on an overbooked flight. People are sick.

5. Relaunching

Domaining Toolkit fell by the wayside last year as I was working full time and going to school and therefore did not have time to update it. It’s being relaunched soon with new content.

6. Interesting Interview Process

I had an interview a couple of weeks ago where the interviewer had a total of 280 applicants. To eliminate these applicants, he wrote several automatic emails to send us every few days. If you were the type of person who didn’t pay attention then you would eliminate yourself as these emails contained specific instructions that if not followed, you wouldn’t make it to the next round. 230 eventually eliminated themselves by not paying attention. It was unique and fun. I felt like I was on a treasure hunt.

7. How Does Patrick Ruddell Stay So Fit??

How the hell does the Ruddell family stay fit? Patrick says he has a sweet tooth. They exercise a lot. They also own Mini Doughnut Factory. I’m jealous.

8. Off the Feed

I am allowing to be removed from I tried to change my branding logo and feed URL not too long ago (was rebranding to a different URL) and was told it would be $1,000 to do so. I was happy to offer a lower, more fair payment. Even an inflated couple hundred. But not $1k.

I know I haven’t written in awhile but bloggers are the bloodline for And the other way around for some. It should be a relationship where compromise is the solution. The above doesn’t show me that.

I can no longer support in good conscience.

If you would like updates it’s best to follow me via these locations:


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